Meet the Team – Per Rehné, Chief Executive Officer

Get to know the team behind Clasado Biosciences. In our Meet the Team series, we find out more about the people behind the business, what they find most intriguing about gut health and microbiome science, and what motivates them to succeed. Read on to discover more.


Per Rehné


Chief Executive Officer

When did you join Clasado Biosciences?

March 2019

What first attracted you to work at Clasado?

It was a combination of the science at Clasado – which is some of the strongest found anywhere in our industry – and the raw potential of the business. After developing such an impressive scientific portfolio over many years and truly breaking new ground in prebiotic science, Clasado was ready to transition to a more commercially oriented business. 

The opportunity to join a business with so much capability to make a real impact to the market made it an easy decision for me.

What does an ‘average day’ look like in your role?

I think every day is different. As CEO, I am involved in all areas of the business and across all departments. This can involve building long term partnership opportunities with the commercial team, working with the research and development team to expand the scientific portfolio of prebiotic ingredient Bimuno®, building the global profile of Clasado with the marketing team, or supporting our consumer and operational efforts.

In my role as CEO, I am focused on guiding the business forwards to develop it into what it could become at its best. This can take many different forms, particularly in such a fast-paced industry, which is why an ‘average day’ doesn’t exist!

What excites you the most about microbiome science and gut health?

It’s the fact that it’s so central to our lives; the changes we make in terms of nutrition and dietary intake have a real, direct impact. For me, it’s all about keeping it simple. ‘We are what we eat’ is a long-standing mantra, but it’s also a strong foundation on which to build health understanding. 

The knowledge we have today about the gut microbiome shows that dietary changes we make, which are seemingly small, can have a big impact in terms of supporting our wellbeing. 

What is your specific field of interest within microbiome science and how would you describe your previous experience?

There’s a lot of fascinating areas within microbiome science, but for me it’s the potential role of prebiotics in gut-mediated health interventions. Particularly in areas such as pharmaceutical therapies, we could explore the benefits of prebiotics in terms of making other nutrients, ingredients or therapies more effective. 

Even further ahead, we might even see prebiotics in a more direct role as a ‘catalyst’ within biotherapeutics. A good metaphor here is an engine – a carefully maintained engine gets more mileage from fuel, and the same can be true of the gut microbiome. 

Which particular studies or research projects have captured your attention?

With over 100 publications backing the efficacy and safety of Bimuno, there are many studies that stand out for ourselves and for our brand customers. However, I believe the best is yet to come!

We are in the early stages surrounding prebiotics and their impact on immune response in the context of pharmaceutical therapies. Our team looks forward to sharing more details in the future, but it’s set to be particularly illuminating research for the future of gut-mediated health. 

In your own words, what sets Bimuno apart in the ingredients market?

By far and away, the science. The amount, the quality and the substantiation are quite unlike anything the category has seen so far. It’s testament to what Clasado does differently as a business. We are open, transparent, accountable and proactive – and that is definitely reflected in our product. Our lean team has a genuine passion for the work they do, which makes all the difference. 

In a nutshell, with the experience of Clasado and the unique qualities of galactooligosaccharide Bimuno, there’s nothing else like it on the market. 

How do you think the prebiotics category will grow and develop over the next 24 months?

It’s clear that growth will continue – in fact we’ve only just seen the start of prebiotics surging to the forefront. Interestingly, this isn’t just in areas such as dedicated health supplements or functional foods, but in animal care and pet food products too.

We are also expecting to see more focus placed on prebiotics with health claims, which will become more common as the scientific studies behind them continues at pace. The market potential for prebiotics is so vast and diverse that the category will continue to gather momentum in many different directions. 

Which food or supplement categories would you like to see make better use of prebiotic fibre?

In terms of where prebiotics could go next, an exciting area of exploration is in harnessing prebiotic fibre for the express purpose of making the gut microbiome more effective at utilising nutrients and responding to therapies. Again, it comes back to prebiotics as a catalyst – improving the body’s ‘engine’ to get more mileage. 

What inspires you at work?

I am most inspired by the incredible team around me, particularly the interaction and dialogue with people across the business. Their expertise and drive to succeed motivates and inspires me and the vision of where Clasado can go as a business. 

By being active and engaged with every member of the Clasado team, I build a fuller picture of who we are as a business. I am forever connecting ideas, finding patterns, and building a ‘mental mood board’ of the business, which stays with me subconsciously 24/7!

So far, what achievement are you most proud of at Clasado?

It’s hard to pin down just one since as a team, we’ve come a long way in a relatively short space of time. On reflection, I think the biggest achievement so far has been making the effective pivot from scientific business to a commercial business on a successful growth trajectory. 

I tend to see myself as a ‘catalyst’ for Clasado – my role is to be the rudder that guides the ship and build a vision of the future, that the team collectively wants to manifest. It’s my responsibility to understand where the business is going and work with the team to reach our destination, putting the resources in the business to best use. I always aim to uplift the team, its skill set and its combined knowledge. 

In closing, what message would you give to potential customers looking to introduce Bimuno into their new or existing product range?

Our message to potential customers can be brief because the product truly speaks for itself. For product developers looking to create next-generation health products, and particularly those with stronger nutritional profiles or with health claims applied, Clasado is the go-to business, backed by science you can trust.