Clasado Biosciences is the leading global developer and manufacturer of Bimuno®, a targeted prebiotic which can be added to any food, drink or existing supplement.

Available in both syrup and powder form, the patent-protected technology is a blend of non-digestible Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) which passes through the upper gastrointestinal tract until it reaches the colon, where it enhances the production and activity of beneficial gut bacteria.

Bimuno is supported by a comprehensive portfolio of research, consisting of over 80 scientific publications.

Bimuno PrebioticProbioticsOther Probiotics
Indigestible fibre utilised by probioticsBeneficial, living microorganisms which use fibre
to thrive. Rarely permanently colonise the gut.
Fibres that may be found in natural sources
Nourishes the good bacteria that we already have in the gutNeed to compete with present resident
bacteria in the gut
May promote beneficial as well as not
beneficial bacteria
Stable: not affected by temperature,
acidity, storage time
Not stable: can be damaged by heat and acid;
sensitive to storage time
Different degrees of stability
Not affected by stomach acid
and digestive enzymes
Can be killed off by the pH during transit
through GI tract
Different degrees of digestibility. May not
reach the large intestine where bacteria live
Recommended dose of Bimuno GOS for GI symptom
relief: 1.37 g/day; for prebiotic effect, immune system
modulation, antipathogenic activity, brain health and
function: 2.75 g/day
Desired benefits depend on effective
dose/serving size and strain used
Scientifically proven active dose can go up
to 5-15g/day

Bimuno is the only second-generation prebiotic that increases the level of bifidobacteria, a type of good gut bacteria and has multiple biological activities that impact the gut, immune system and overall health and wellbeing.

The below areas are supported by human trials and many are also supported by in vivo and in vitro studies.

• Prebiotic Activity
• Digestive Health & Wellbeing
• Immune System Modulation
• Metabolic Syndrome
• Antipathogenic Activity
• Brain Health, Function & Mood
• Athlete Performance/Health

Multi-pronged impact on health

Gastrointestinal Health

Bimuno promotes gastrointestinal wellbeing by reducing abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence and improving bowel regularity.

Immune Defence

Human trials have proven Bimuno’s capacity to strengthen the body’s defences and prevent diarrhoea caused by pathogens.

Cognitive Health

Bimuno reduces stress hormone levels, anxiety and improves brain health and function in humans and animals.

Immune Health

Bimuno modulates the immune system, increasing anti-inflammatory and
decreasing pro-inflammatory biomarkers.

Due to its high stability, Bimuno is very versatile and can be added to a range of products including:

• Beverages
• Yogurts
• Sport Drinks
• Protein Powder
• Cereals
• Smoothies
• Ice Cream
• Confectionery


Effective dose

Lowest clinically effective dose of GOS


Highly selective and potent
bifidogenic effect


Suitable for many processing applications. Stable at low pH and high temperatures

Fast action

Rapid onset of action.
Results observed in 7 days

Safe & Efficacious

Safety and efficacy backed
by 80+ scientific publications


GRAS approved for food,
beverage and infant formula


Bimuno® is a registered trademark
and is patent-protected


Suitable for vegetarians

Gluten Free


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As well as working with companies on the formulations of new products, Clasado also markets its own range of prebiotic supplements under the Bimuno brand.