Meet the Team – Kelly Litherland, Operations Director

Get to know the team behind Clasado Biosciences. In our Meet the Team series, we find out more about the people behind the business, what they find most intriguing about gut health and gut microbiome science, and what motivates them to succeed. Read on to discover more.


Kelly Litherland


Operations Director

When did you join Clasado Biosciences?

November 2013

What first attracted you to work at Clasado?

Joining Clasado was a new & exciting challenge for me – one that I knew I could apply and develop my skills in. The business was – and remains – progressive in an area of proven benefit to consumers. Making a real difference to consumer health is what drives the business forward, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

What does an ‘average day’ look like in your role?

I’m fortunate to say that there is no ‘average day’ at Clasado – every day brings new opportunities, challenges and rewards.  The Operations team is diverse in its remit as the guardians of food safety & quality. We are responsible for a number of important touchpoints, including manufacturing, process development, packaging, customer service and ensuring an effective and smooth supply chain. 

What excites you the most about microbiome science and gut health?

The human microbiome, including the gut microbiome specifically, is an integral part of health & wellbeing, not only in humans but also in animals; it’s an absolutely fascinating area of bioscience. To this day, it still amazes me how the prebiotic products that we research, develop and supply can have such a significant impact on the gut microbiome, and at such low dosage.

As our gut health research portfolio expands, we can start to see how the gut microbiome plays such an important part in our general health and wellbeing. Since I joined Clasado in 2013, the growing awareness and interest in gut microbiome health has been very noticeable. We are seeing consumers become much more proactive in seeking out new information, and more regular media coverage on gut science.

What is your specific field of interest within microbiome science and how would you describe your previous experience?

My specific interest is in manufacturing & supply chain processes. In particular, I am interested in new emerging technologies for manufacturing, fractionation and analysis. 

There are new processes for GOS developing all the time in terms of enzyme systems, production methods & applications. My background in dairy products has given me strong foundational knowledge to ensure we develop & produce the best quality product for our customers and offer the versatility that matters to today’s product developers.

Which particular studies or research projects have captured your attention?

Where my research and development colleagues tend to focus on the application of GOS and its influence on gut microbiome health, my attention is captured by advances in manufacturing & process development. Exciting new applications and analytical methods for analysis of prebiotics tend to pique my interest!

In your own words, what sets Bimuno apart in the ingredients market?

For me, it’s the breadth and strength of the science behind Bimuno that shines the most. In Operations, our department strategy is to deliver products and services that are of the highest quality and consistency. 

Bimuno stands out in the market; working with customers to develop innovative products that make a real difference is one of the most rewarding parts of my role.

How do you think the prebiotics category will grow and develop over the next 24 months?

It’s no longer just the health and nutrition category that recognises the benefits of prebiotics – the wider food manufacturing sector is switching on to the advantages. The prebiotics category has an enormous potential for growth and our research, development and fulfilment strategy puts us at the pinnacle of functional ingredient supply.

We are expecting consumers to get more comfortable with the term ‘prebiotics’, and gut health education will accelerate further. Part of this rapidly growing awareness will be the difference between Bimuno and other prebiotic ingredients on the market, backed up by our strong portfolio of research.

The growth and application of our products remains unlimited, and I look forward to working with any business where efficacy, quality and service are key drivers.

Which food or supplement categories would you like to see make better use of prebiotic fibre?

Everyone! Prebiotic fibre is such a versatile substrate that there is an application for all products and categories. As a leading prebiotic manufacturer, we encourage our customers to think outside the box and offer something new to the market.

All categories can make use of prebiotic fibres, but to get it into households on a regular basis, I believe the breakfast, snacking and dairy categories provide perhaps the most abundant commercial opportunities.

What inspires you at work?

Bringing our research through to a manufactured end product is my principal inspiration. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is in taking a concept from paper to full factory scale production and being able to see the tangible results. It’s an inspiration for the whole team. 

So far, what achievement are you most proud of at Clasado?

Achieving is part of the Clasado ‘DNA’, and our constant push for excellence is part of who we are as a business. If I had to choose just one, it would be the development, implementation and launch of our 80% Bimuno GOS powder. This was an innovative first-to-market project that showcases our expertise in not only microbiome science, but in translating that knowledge into leading health and nutrition ingredients. 

In closing, what message would you give to potential customers looking to introduce Bimuno into their new or existing product range?

There’s nothing on the market that has the same advantages and characteristics as Bimuno. It’s manufactured to the highest Quality & Food Safety Standards, backed up by significant independent scientific studies.

Shoppers are clearly switching on to the benefits of prebiotics, and there’s a bright future ahead for the category. It’s all about taking better nutrition mainstream, whether that’s developing innovative delivery methods and creating new functional food segments or improving the nutritional profile of existing products. 

The applications are limitless and prebiotic fibre is stable enough for any manufacturing process, so I would suggest any prospective clients call us and discuss their goals. We believe in making things happen!

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