Meet the Team – Dr. Luis Gosalbez, Business Development Director

Get to know the team behind Clasado Biosciences. In our Meet the Team series, we find out more about the people behind the business, what they find most intriguing about gut health and gut microbiome science, and what motivates them to succeed. Read on to discover more. 


Dr. Luis Gosalbez 


Business Development Director 

When did you join Clasado Biosciences? 

I joined the Clasado team in December 2019. 

What first attracted you to work at Clasado? 

One of the strong driving influences, and one that still motivates me today, is the fantastic science around Bimuno®. From its inception to its clinical validation in different health areas, such as gastrointestinal wellbeing, immune health and cognition, Bimuno continues to stay at the leading edge of gut microbiome modulation, and I’m proud to be part of it. 

What does an ‘average day’ look like in your role? 

As one might expect in such a fast-paced and thriving business, no two days look the same. Acting as a bridge between the science and commercial applications, I am involved in much of the client facing activity of the business, but also in Research & Development and Regulatory Affairs. 

Part of what makes my role so rewarding is being able to work with many different teams and talented individuals within Clasado Biosciences. 

What excites you the most about microbiome science and gut health? 

For me, it’s the huge potential that gut microbiome modulation has in improving the life of millions of people around the globe. Each new study and commercial development for the business is working towards creating positive change for the world around us. 

What is your specific field of interest within gut microbiome science and how would you describe your previous experience? 

For me, the most fascinating element is the interaction between human health and bacterial metabolism. Through my career this has been one area of particular focus, both from a scientific and business perspective. 

Which particular studies or research projects capture your attention? 

The areas of study that I find most compelling are the ones that help to translate science into real-world application. As we better understand the chemical structures within Bimuno, we are uncovering the true extent of its potential as a prebiotic ingredient. 

In your own words, what sets Bimuno apart in the ingredients market? 

What matters most for brands in health and nutrition is a strong scientific backing to deliver the trust and efficacy that the consumer is looking for, to make a real impact in the market. It’s clear that Bimuno stands out as the most widely researched prebiotic of its kind, supported by almost 100 scientific publications, including over 20 clinical trials. 

How do you think the prebiotics category will grow and develop over the next 24 months? 

I think we are going to see very rapid overall market expansion for prebiotics as they become a more widely known category. More importance will be given to targeted gut microbiome modulation, rather than a more general ‘prebiotic effect’. 

Which food or supplement categories would you like to see make better use of prebiotic fibre? 

At present, the majority of prebiotic food supplements contain insufficient quantities of prebiotics to elicit beneficial effects. So, all supplements could be making better use of prebiotics. 

I believe that prebiotics are particularly promising in gastrointestinal and gut-brain axis applications, the understanding of which underlines the commercial potential for health and nutrition brands. 

What inspires you at work? 

I’m proud to be part of a rapidly expanding business, both in terms of science and in commercial geographic reach. Brands around the world are seeing the advantages of prebiotic fibre in product formulations and by making the technology move more into mainstream, we are making an impact on people’s lives through Bimuno. 

So far, what achievement at Clasado are you most proud of? 

I’m particularly proud of launching Align® Fast Acting Biotic in the United States with Procter & Gamble. It’s been a remarkable collective team effort by Clasado Biosciences and P&G to develop this product and it’s a shining example of what makes Bimuno so special. 

In closing, what message would you give to potential customers looking to introduce Bimuno into their new or existing product range? 

For product developers and formulators, Bimuno represents the pinnacle ingredient of gut microbiome science, from both a scientific and technical point of view. It requires a very low dosage for clinical efficacy, as well as being highly stable and versatile – and ideal for ‘clean label’ product creation. 

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