Clasado’s R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, to speak at IFHN 2023

Clasado has announced that R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, will deliver a presentation at Innovations in Food Science and Human Nutrition (‘IFHN’) 2023.

The conference, taking place 19th – 20th July in Frankfurt, Germany, brings together scientists, technologists and policy makers from around the world to explore the future of food science and use the latest research findings to improve global nutrition. The event seeks to encourage industry collaboration with the goal of making safe, healthy diets more accessible around the world.

As part of the event’s schedule of guest talks, Dr Harthoorn will present ‘The Gut Microbiome and the Influence of Nutrition’. Using first-hand clinical studies on multi award-winning prebiotic ingredient Bimuno® GOS and its influence on the gut microbiome, the presentation will explore the growing role of prebiotics in nutritional strategies alongside the strengths and gaps of prebiotic science today.

Dr Harthoorn comments: “Bringing together an exciting cross-section of the nutritional science industry, the IFHN event is a fantastic opportunity to share the latest scientific findings whilst also reflecting on research previously carried out. As the developer of the most comprehensively studied galactooligosaccharide ingredient of its kind, Bimuno GOS, we have plenty of insight to share at Clasado. 

“A key message for health and nutrition formulators is that the benefits of prebiotics  nourishing beneficial bacteria in the gut has much wider health implications than likely understood; with studies linking prebiotics to other important areas such as immune function and cognitive health. It’s an ideal time to learn more about how prebiotic fit into the health puzzle.

“At IFHN, we will be putting clinical research in the spotlight and showing why prebiotics have so much potential in supporting future health and wellbeing strategies. This will include a closer look at how this scientific understanding is being put to use and expanded on through delivery concepts such as synbiotics.”

Find out more about the conference and speaker agenda at https://foodscience-nutrition.org

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