Cognitive and mental health & the gut microbiome

For health audiences around the world, cognitive and mental health and wellbeing is becoming an ever more important area of focus. For perhaps the first time, cognitive health is being treated with the same respect and importance as physical health.

This rising awareness creates more opportunity for health and nutrition formulators to meet consumer demand for products that support this benefit area. 

At the same time, the importance of the gut microbiome for improving immune health is becoming better understood by a growing global health audience and the category is seeing significant market growth as a result.

Scientific study demonstrates that supporting better gut health can have a positive influence on cognitive function, offering valuable insight for health and nutrition brands and their formulators.

Gut Microbiome

Cognitive health and the gut microbiome

Our gut is the home to trillions of bacteria and other microbes which together comprise the gut microbiome, and its composition is connected to a wide range of important areas within health and wellbeing. 

In addition to the influence on gastrointestinal (GI), digestive, and immune health, there is growing evidence to suggest utilising prebiotic fibre to support cognitive health by promoting a balanced gut microbiome. 


The gut-brain axis

The brain and the gut have a bi-directional relationship, known as the ‘gut-brain axis.’ The two systems can exchange signals through the central and enteric nervous systems, as well as the immune system.

This may explain why emotions are so often connected with the gut, such as nauseous and sick when worried, or ‘butterflies in the stomach’ when nervous. 

Bimuno prebiotic ingredient

How can Bimuno® GOS support cognitive health?

Multi award-winning prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno GOS, is shown to nourish bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacteria found in the gut microbiome. The galactooligosaccharide ingredient stands out in the health and nutrition market as the most studied functional ingredient of its kind. 

The efficacy and safety of Bimuno GOS are backed by a portfolio of over 100 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials. This evidence offers health product developers a powerful ingredient in the development of next-generation cognitive health supplements. 

As a prebiotic dietary fibre that selectively nourishes beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome, Bimuno GOS can support cognitive health formulations in several important ways. 

This brings considerable advantages for health and nutrition formulators looking to develop their next generation of cognitive health-supporting supplements. 

How Bimuno can support cognitive health:

·      By nourishing bifidobacteria which helps promote the production of neurotransmitters that in turn can support brain function (Duranti S., et al 2020)

·      Modulation of the gut microbiome to support   gut-barrier function integrity and managing stress associated biomarkers (Schmidt et al., 2015)

·      Supporting immune health[link], which is shown to be influenced by stress and anxiety, which can influence inflammation (Biavati., et al 2000)

·       Can help support cognitive function and performance (Schmidt et al., 2015; Kao et al., 2019)

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