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With greater attention on supporting health and wellbeing, the immune system has become a central area of focus for the consumer.

Acting as the body’s natural lines of defence against pathogens that can cause illness and disease, the immune system is a complex group of interconnected systems, cells and functions that keep the body operating at its most optimal.

Increasing consumer awareness and interest are driving rapid growth in the immune health product category, and present exciting new opportunities for health and nutrition brand owners and formulators looking to develop the next generation of health products and supplements.

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Immunity and the gut microbiome

The gut microbiome includes the community of microbes in the gut. This complex ecosystem includes many different kinds of bacteria, some of which are of particular benefit to health and wellbeing, such as bifidobacteria.

Growing evidence suggests a close involvement of the gut microbiome in various aspects of human health, including gastrointestinal healthcognitive & mental healthsports health – and importantly – immune health.

The intestinal tract is the body’s largest immune organ, housing approximately 70% of the body’s immune cells, making gut health one of the most important areas of focus when looking to support immunity. For formulators, this indicates an important path of gut-health exploration in next-generation immune supplements.


How can Bimuno® GOS support immune health?

With an important relationship identified between a balanced gut microbiome and immunity, it’s clear that supporting healthy levels of beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria, plays a key role in supporting immune health.

Bimuno GOS, the most studied ingredient of its kind, has been shown to support immune health by means such as strengthening the first line of immune defence, supporting immune cell functioning in addition to increasing anti-inflammatory and reducing pro-inflammatory molecules through gut microbiota modulation.

The ingredient brings a diverse range of benefits to health and nutrition formulators, and its low daily dosage and extensive scientific backing means that Bimuno GOS can be simply and effectively leveraged in immune health products.  

Bimuno GOS is available as a taste-free powder or syrup, has high stability and application versatility, enabling it to be applied to a range of health and nutrition products, to create an immune health-supporting commercial advantage.

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