Clasado Biosciences

Home of award-winning prebiotic GOS ingredient, Bimuno®


Clasado is a leading innovator in the field of galactooligosaccharide (GOS) technology, working in partnership with brands to deliver clinically proven prebiotic solutions to improve human health.


Global leader in the research of gut microbiome mediated solutions


Developer and manufacturer of unique prebiotic technologies and products


Meet the team behind the success of the company

Who is Clasado?

Clasado Biosciences is a pioneer in the research and development of gut microbiome prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) ingredients. The team helps brands of every size create products that engage with today’s proactive health and nutrition consumer.

Offering our powerful leading prebiotic ingredient GOS Bimuno®, Clasado supports brands in developing functional food and drink formulations, as well as next generation prebiotic and synbiotic supplements.

Prebiotics, which nourish ‘good’ gut bacteria, are increasingly linked to immune health, mental health and cognition, as well as sleep and sports health.

Versatile, stable and rooted in science, Bimuno is supported by a robust portfolio of over 100 scientific publications and today, is the most widely studied commercially available prebiotic of its kind.

The business also offers a suite of finished consumer products aimed at gastrointestinal wellness, tailored to the food and healthcare sectors.

Discover how the introduction of Bimuno can help make your new product development and range expansion simple, fast and consumer led.

We work with leading brands...

From UK manufacturers to globally operating businesses, Clasado partners with brands of every size. Our team of technical, research and commercial specialists supply Bimuno GOS to leading brands and manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare markets in the creation of bespoke formulations and finished products.

Deliver more with Clasado

As a leading name in health and nutrition ingredients and a global prebiotic supplier, our customers rely on us to deliver gut health ingredient excellence, designed for projects of every size and complexity.

Taking the typical pressure points away from new product development, Clasado Biosciences offers a prebiotic ingredient that meets the evolving demands of the consumer and instantly enhances the value proposition of end products, whether that be standalone supplements, nutraceuticals or fortified or functional foods.

Prebiotic fibre is quickly climbing in consumer awareness, which provides an ideal opportunity for brands to explore the benefits.

The secret lies with the ‘good’ gut bacteria which inhabit the gut microbiome. These bacteria are associated with many key areas of physical and mental health, including immune health and cognition. Prebiotics fuel bifidobacteria, encouraging it to flourish, and exert a positive effect on health and wellbeing.

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Whether you’re looking to…

Functional food

Establish new functional food categories across bakery or dairy applications


Strengthen the nutritional profile of existing products


Add substantiated science to your supplement ranges

Synbiotic product

Develop a synbiotic product that combines prebiotics and probiotics


Add greater value to sports nutrition products

…Clasado Biosciences is the ideal development partner.

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