What makes the science behind gut health so crucial?

The importance of the gut is not new information. Millennia ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, hypothesised that ‘all disease begins in the gut’. While today we know that it’s somewhat of an exaggeration, it’s still true that the gut plays a pivotal role in bodily health.

As we celebrate the scientific advancements that influence the world around us, it’s important to note that gut science is of one of the fastest growing disciplines within research. The digestive system, which forms such a core and important part of the human biome, is understood to play a significant role in wellness. The gut microbiome carries approximately 150 times more genetic information than is found in the rest of the human genome, speaking to its complexity.

The gut is one of the most communicative parts of the human body, sending signals through connections collectively known as the gut-brain axis. Because of this bidirectional communication, it is suggested that the condition of the gut microbiome – and the trillions of microbiota inside it – could have a significant effect on the organs and processes controlled by the brain. In fact, the gut is suggested to influence an impressively diverse array of functions, including immune system modulation, anti-pathogenic activity and even cognition.

One of the overall challenges that the gastrointestinal health sector is addressing is consistently communicating the impressive scientific developments that are shaping the future of health to the public. At Clasado, one of our core strengths is simplifying the complex and making next-generation prebiotic solutions widely accessible. 

So why is the development of robust gut health science so important? Simply, the significant changes to lifestyle and diet patterns, alongside increased demand for ‘on-the-go’ solutions have risen in parallel with an accelerated development cycle and innovation in delivery methods. What will prove key moving forward is closing the gap between technology and the collection and application of research data.

In the exciting space of the gut microbiome, studies increasingly demonstrate associations between digestive function and positive health and wellbeing. The gut health industry has come a long way in a very short space of time, which has real benefits to the consumer, as well as brands looking to develop new functional food and beverage applications.

To get to this point, the nutrition industry has taken incremental steps forward in learning, rather than a single ‘triggering’ event. Clasado operates as an innovator in Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) technology, not only by advancing and developing the technology itself, but also by strengthening this with empirical evidence that substantiates the patented GOS that powers Bimuno. Advanced prebiotic technology, and the potential for future inclusion as part of a synbiotic blend, could point to the next major step forward.

As the most widely studied prebiotic of its kind, Bimuno demonstrates the true advantage of a comprehensive learning and development cycle in gut health, forming a powerful ingredient to functional food and drink applications, alongside an award-winning suite of finished consumer products.

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