Stauber granted North American distribution rights for Bimuno prebiotic ingredient

Clasado Biosciences has granted Stauber non-exclusive rights to distribute its Bimuno® prebiotic ingredient.

Bimuno is a powerful, versatile and stable ingredient, which uses a unique proprietary galactooligosaccharides (‘GOS’) mixture to feed and stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria, a type of ‘good bacteria’ in the gut. Putting today’s consumer need for digestive health firmly at the forefront, it is the result of an ongoing research and development programme conducted with globally recognised research institutes including the University of Reading and King’s College London.  

Bimuno is supported by over 80 scientific publications, making it the most widely studied prebiotic of its kind. Under the agreement, Stauber, a leading US supplier to the nutritional, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and pet care industries, will be a non-exclusive distributor for Bimuno, boasting a significant infrastructure of strategically located distribution centres across North America, further boosting the geographic reach of Bimuno.

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, commented: “We are delighted to announce our distribution agreement with Stauber. We share the belief that science-backed digestive health should be effective and accessible to everyone. Gut health is particularly important as we know that >70% of immune cells are located in the gut. Consumers are seeking new ways to bolster and support the wider functions of the body and Bimuno is a demonstrable way to do this. 

“Bimuno is a nutritional technology meeting a clear consumer need, providing a simple and intuitive approach to gut health that meets the demand for convenience. The North American market is one of the fastest growing geographies for prebiotic supplements and we’re excited about the opportunity that lies ahead for Clasado to grow in this region.”

The comprehensive science behind Bimuno has delivered a strong portfolio of benefits to the second-generation prebiotic. Alongside its core function of stimulating the growth of bifidobacteria, additional studies also indicate improvements in gastrointestinal discomfort, immune system modulation and anti-pathogenic activity. Through the gut-brain axis, research also suggests heightened cognition and improved sleep health.


“Simplifying the complex is one of our core goals as a business; it’s who we are. Globally, consumers today are getting more in tune with digestive health than ever before, and science is uncovering the full extent of the gut microbiome’s importance and influence over key areas such as sleep health and our overall immune system function. The challenge for any company in this sector is taking increased consumer awareness and turning it into actionable everyday change that makes a real difference. 

“A flexible ingredient like Bimuno points towards the future of gut microbiome modulation and overall wellness, and we’re delighted to be partnering with Stauber in this, the next strategic commercial step for our business.”