Dr Lucien Harthoorn to elaborate on the role of prebiotics at global microbiome forum event

Clasado Biosciences has announced that R&D Director, Dr. Lucien Harthoorn, will take to the stage at the 8th Microbiome and Probiotics Research and Development and Business Collaboration Forum: USA (‘Microbiome Forum’), an event hosted by Global Engage.

On November 5, Dr. Harthoorn will deliver a talk entitled ‘Prebiotics: their importance and benefits for human health and disease’, in which delegates will develop a deeper understanding of how prebiotics are positioned in gut microbiome modulation.

As the category continues to fuel public imagination, the prebiotic sector is gaining a strong foothold in the health and nutrition market. Intelligence agency Research & Data estimates that the prebiotic ingredient market will reach a global value of $8.34Bn by 2026 at an impressive 10.1% compound annual growth rate.

In his talk, part of the Probiotics and Prebiotics session, Dr. Harthoorn will elaborate on the functional similarities of the two categories, as well as the difference in health effects and mechanisms of action. Significantly for brands in the functional food and supplement sector, Dr. Harthoorn will break down the strong evidence base that underpins the role of prebiotics in health and disease, and why consumers are continuing to discover the benefits.

The talk at Microbiome Forum further galvanises the Clasado agenda for better gut health education. The company has established its intention to provide learning opportunities for the health and nutrition sector, as well as health care professionals and end users.

Dr. Harthoorn commented: “We live in a world of proactivity. The public are taking wellness into their own hands, and as public interest in gut-mediated health continues to drive the agenda, it’s a great opportunity for health care professionals to get better acquainted with prebiotics. The science driving the category has accelerated with real pace, positioning prebiotic supplements as a credible way to support a healthier gut.

“We’re looking forward to another opportunity to engage with brands in the nutrition industry on what matters most to them and to help to ingrain the similarities and differences between prebiotics and probiotics in collective understanding.

“It’s also vital that we know where science is taking us, what it’s revealing – and where the industry may be heading. So, we’ll be putting a flag in the ground to say “this is our current knowledge of how prebiotics work, and here’s what we’re yet to figure out”.” To find out more about Global Engage Microbiome Forum, view the full list of speakers or to book attendance to the event, click here.