Clasado backs new Liz Earle MBE gut health eBook

Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’), a global leader in the development of clinically proven prebiotic ingredient and product solutions for the human gut microbiome, has continued its campaign for better gut health education with the sponsorship of ‘A Flatter, Happier Tum’. The brand-new consumer-led eBook from bestselling health and wellness author Liz Earle MBE was released on 1 July.

The eBook is designed to break down the complex science behind gut health into more easily accessible components and boost collective consumer knowledge of the gut microbiome. It takes an in-depth look at the essential gut bacteria that the body needs, as well as guidance on how they can be supported and nourished.

In line with much of the health and wellness sector, the eBook encourages readers to take a much more proactive approach to their gut health, and develop better understanding of the importance of the gut microbiome’s bacterial composition, as well as how it can be altered and supported.

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado, commented: “Partnering with Liz Earle feels like a very natural decision for us, as we share a common desire to improve public understanding of gut health. In ‘A Flatter, Happier Tum’, Liz dives into the gut microbiome science that businesses like Clasado are building for today’s health and wellbeing market.

“We have recently reaffirmed our commitment to providing gut health learning to health care industry professionals, but the work doesn’t end there – the next logical step is to redouble our efforts with consumers empowering them to better understand the influence and impact of gut health. Supporting the eBook with the award-winning Liz Earle is the next step in our strategy to achieve this.”

Clasado recently announced its intention to provide a new learning platform for the digestive health area, including a growing portfolio of free-to-access webinars, podcasts and papers.

Rehné continued: “Liz highlights prebiotic supplements – including our own product Bimuno® – as one of the ways we can support and nourish the gut bacteria that our bodies rely on. We’re proud to say that Bimuno is one of the most widely studied prebiotic ingredients of its kind, backed by over 80 scientific papers and more than 20 clinical trials, making it a hugely attractive prospect to global functional food and supplement developers.

“We are continuing to support a more robust foundation of gut health knowledge and our research investments are continually discovering more about the significant influence of the gut microbiome on overall health. This makes it all the more important for the sector to turn the intricacies of gut microbiome modulation into common knowledge.”