Clasado appoints Ideactifs as French and Belgian distributor of Bimuno® GOS

Clasado, developer of multi award-winning prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno® GOS, is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Ideactifs, a distributor of high-quality ingredients to the European health and nutrition industry. 

The new agreement grants Ideactifs distribution rights for Bimuno GOS as a B2B ingredient in the French and Belgian markets. This collaboration will support the expanding presence of Bimuno GOS in Europe and leverage the growing popularity of prebiotic products among health consumers.

Standing out as the most studied commercially available galactooligosaccharide, Bimuno GOS has garnered widespread recognition. Its safety and efficacy are supported by over 110 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials, making it the most comprehensively studied prebiotic of its kind. The extensive scientific backing underscores its influence on various aspects of gastrointestinal, digestive, immune, and cognitive health, making it an ideal choice for targeted applications in nutritional supplements, functional foods, sports nutrition products and beyond.

Dr. Frederic Narbel, VP of B2B Sales at Clasado, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership: “We are delighted to team up with Ideactifs to expand our reach to customers in France and Belgium. Alongside rising gut health awareness, demand for prebiotics continues to increase among consumers. As such, this collaboration presents an exciting opportunity to showcase the exceptional benefits of Bimuno GOS. Operating very successfully across the French and Belgian nutraceutical markets, the Ideactifs team has a wealth of technical expertise, which will help their customers to get the most from Bimuno GOS.”

Bruno Le Mer, Director at Ideactifs, shared further thoughts on the collaboration: “Following the announcement, we are thrilled to bring Bimuno GOS to formulators across France and Belgium, adding to our comprehensive portfolio of functional ingredients. Gut health awareness is on the rise globally, and consumers are increasingly focusing on nurturing the gut microbiome and the beneficial bacteria that reside there. 

“Bimuno GOS, with its proven nourishment of good bacteria, offers remarkable benefits for formulators, backed by one of the most comprehensive scientific portfolios on the market. It’s exciting to be working with a prebiotic that demonstrates efficacy starting from just 1.37g per day, making it an ideal ingredient for a diverse range of product applications. We look forward to helping formulators across France and Belgium to enhance product development with one of the most trusted prebiotics.”

According to research firm Mordor Intelligence, the European prebiotics market is projected to experience a robust compound annual growth rate of over 7%, powered by growing consumer demand. With Clasado’s Bimuno GOS now exclusively available through Ideactifs in France and Belgium, health and nutrition brands in the region can capitalise on this rapidly expanding market and meet the rising consumer appetite for scientifically backed gut health-supporting products.

To learn more about Ideactifs and explore their product range, please visit: http://www.ideactifs.com