New ILSI workshop to build on prebiotic health science

Clasado announces that its R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, will help to compose an upcoming industry workshop in advancing prebiotic science and health claims, as part of an International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) taskforce.

Dr Harthoorn, along with other experts across the gut health and biotics industries, will deliver an interdisciplinary workshop at the ILSI Annual Symposium on 25th October, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium, to promote the advancement of prebiotic science, how formulators can capitalise on the known health benefits, and the importance of building a comprehensive health claim portfolio.

The workshop, featuring renowned scientists and researchers in the nutritional health space, will take a multi-angled approach to address the existing knowledge gaps in understanding prebiotic health benefits and their relationship to microbiota modulation. Among topics covered will be identifying the most effective strategies for substantiating health claims and advancing scientific support for prebiotic health effects.

“We are excited to help pull this interdisciplinary workshop together, which will play a crucial role in advancing the overall understanding and recognition of the health benefits of prebiotics,” said Dr Lucien Harthoorn, R&D Director at Clasado Biosciences.

“At Clasado, we are committed to accelerating prebiotic knowledge across markets, and this workshop, which will offer scientifically credible perspectives, aligns perfectly with our mission. By collaborating with other stakeholders in the industry, we can collectively drive progress and ensure that prebiotics are recognised for their significant potential in supporting human health.”

The workshop’s objectives include providing a comprehensive overview of the latest scientific evidence on prebiotic health benefits and gut microbiome modulation. Participants will also examine the current routes available for making prebiotic claims for food and food supplements in Europe, comparing them with health claim regulations worldwide.

Confirmed speakers to date include Prof. Seppo Salminen from the University of Turku (Finland), Prof. Paul de Vos from the University of Groningen (Netherlands), Prof. Nathalie Delzenne from UCLouvain (Belgium), and Prof. Gemma Walton from the University of Reading (United Kingdom). Their expertise will contribute to the in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing during the event.

Dr Harthoorn adds: “ILSI is a collective organisation that focuses on accelerating the global life sciences category through collaborative science, so it’s an ideal platform for an educational event of this kind. With a top-down goal of helping formulators translate science into a clearly understood value proposition for the consumer, it’s set to be an unmissable event.”

For more information about the workshop or to register, please visit https://ilsi.eu/event/ilsi-europe-annual-symposium-2023/

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