Clasado signs BART as exclusive distributor for Bimuno® prebiotic in Poland

Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’) has signed a new distribution agreement with functional ingredient specialist, BART, headquartered in Słupno, Poland.

The deal will see BART appointed as the exclusive distributor of prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno® GOS, to the Polish market. The agreement further strengthens the global accessibility of Clasado’s multi award-winning prebiotic, which stands out in the market for its comprehensive scientific backing, low dose and stability.

Reflecting growing consumer demand, research firm Mordor Intelligence anticipates a robust 7.11% CAGR for the European prebiotic market. With BART now appointed as its distributor in Poland, Clasado is well positioned to help health and nutrition formulators in the region capitalise on the consumer appetite for proven gut health solutions.

Dr Frederic Narbel, VP of B2B Sales at Clasado, commented: “The global gut health market shows no sign of slowing down, particularly while today’s health audience is so engaged and proactive. Prebiotics, non-digestible fibre substrates that nourish health-supporting bacteria in the gut microbiome, are accelerating in taking centre stage.

“We are delighted to announce another key step in our ongoing expansion as we partner with the highly experienced BART team to bring Bimuno GOS to the Polish market. We look forward to seeing how formulators in the region capitalise on spectacular opportunities for growth, backed by an enviable scientific profile that consumers can trust.”

Bimuno GOS has been proven to nourish good bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacteria associated with gastrointestinal, immune and cognitive health, with a dose as low as 1.37g of GOS. Available in powder and syrup formats, it is stable and highly versatile making it suitable for a wide range of product applications, including dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages.

Piotr Pietruszynski, CEO at BART, added: “Our appointment to distribute Bimuno GOS in Poland is a significant milestone for our company. This cutting-edge prebiotic, supported by over 120 scientific publications and more than 20 clinical trials, aligns perfectly with our position as a market leader in supplying raw materials for dietary supplements and healthy foods in Poland. With our specialization in probiotics and postbiotics, Bimuno GOS fits seamlessly into our offerings, and we are excited about the outstanding benefits this partnership will bring to our clients and consumers in Poland.”