Clasado Biosciences has announced that Head of B2B and Corporate Marketing, Steven Riley, has been appointed to the Communications Committee of the Global Prebiotic Association (‘GPA’).

The GPA, of which Clasado Biosciences is a member, is an organisation that aims to raise awareness of prebiotics and their benefits to health and wellbeing to consumers, brands and healthcare professionals around the globe. The organisation’s members represent a diverse cross section of the rapidly growing prebiotic category.

Steven Riley, Head of B2B and Corporate Marketing at Clasado Biosciences, commented: “I am pleased to join the Communications Committee of the Global Prebiotic Association. The committee provides a proactive voice on many issues that are important to the category, and works to generate educational content, learning events and valuable media engagement.

“In today’s evolving health category, prebiotics hold a lot of potential and are already shaping the future of gut-mediated wellness. It’s essential that we are able to communicate this potential effectively across markets and geographies. The Global Prebiotic Association creates a more cohesive and connected sector to ensure that all businesses in this space are moving in the same direction and securing a real long-term future for the prebiotic category.”

As part of its efforts to boost global awareness of prebiotics, Clasado has supported Global Prebiotics Week, an annual awareness event hosted by the GPA, now in its third year. 

Clasado has also recently stepped up its engagement with GPA, with CEO Per Rehné joining the executive board, and R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, appointed to the Science & Technical Committee.

Steven added: “The GPA organisation and its goals are particularly important to our team at Clasado. As the developer and manufacturer of prebiotic galactoolisaccharide (GOS) ingredient Bimuno® GOS, the most studied of its kind, we sit at the leading edge of the industry and are particularly keen to see prebiotics continue transitioning to more mainstream public knowledge.”

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