Clasado to put prebiotics into focus at BSLM 2023 conference

Clasado’s healthcare professional team will be participating in the upcoming British Society of Lifestyle Medicine annual conference, BSLM 2023. 

The event will take place from September 21 to 23 at Manchester Central, and for 2023 is themed around ‘People, Places & Planet’, focusing on upstream social, economic, environmental and cultural determinants of health. The BSLM conference connects medical professionals, dietitians, nutritionists, and educators with the latest scientific research in lifestyle medicine.

Clasado, a strong industry advocate for the dissemination of gut microbiome knowledge, will be actively involved at the event. The business will be represented by team members of the Clasado R&D and Bimuno®D2C division. 

Senior Scientist and R&D Manager, Dr Dodd comments: “When it comes to forecasting the future of health and wellness, conversation is key. We are delighted to exhibit at BSLM 2023 and engage directly with today’s healthcare professionals, as we look to share insight on our exciting prebiotic science. With a comprehensive three-day programme covering essential health aspects like dietary behaviours, mental well-being, and sleep health, we see tremendous opportunities at BSLM to highlight the evolving role of prebiotics, especially considering how quickly the scientific evidence behind the category is progressing.”

“Lifestyle medicine is all about connected behaviours and understanding cause and effect in health terms. This naturally plays into the discourse around the gut microbiome. During the conference, we aim to educate visitors about the benefits of prebiotics and showcase our renowned prebiotic supplement, Bimuno Original.”

Scientific Communications Executive, Roisin Pichon, ANutr adds: “As one of the leading forces in prebiotic research, the BSLM 2023 event provides us with an excellent opportunity to translate our expertise into actionable insights for healthcare professionals. By doing so, we actively contribute to promoting better public health through a well-supported gut microbiome, and the key health advantages that it brings. Ultimately, it’s an ideal fit for the tenets of lifestyle medicine, which centres on simple everyday changes that contribute to better overall health.”

Clasado Biosciences is a leading name in prebiotics, noted as the developer of the most comprehensively studied prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) ingredient, Bimuno GOS, supported by over 110 scientific publications and more than 20 clinical trials. The ingredient is available to brands and formulators for use in their own innovative product development as well as featuring in the acclaimed Bimuno® Original dietary supplement.

To learn more about BSLM 2023 and the conference details, please visit https://bslm.org.uk/events/bslm-2023/

For additional information about Clasado Biosciences’ HCP engagement platform, visit https://www.bimuno.com/professionals.list