Bimuno® GOS shortlisted at NutraIngredients Asia

Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’) has revealed that its prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno® GOS, has been shortlisted at the NutraIngredients Asia Awards 2022 for the Ingredient of the Year: Prebiotic category.

The latest development is highly welcomed as studies behind the efficacy and safety of Bimuno GOS have now surpassed 100 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials.

In addition, Clasado Biosciences has strengthened its foothold in the region with the appointment of CTC Group as a key distributor in the expanding market. Further boosting the ingredient’s advantages, Clasado Biosciences has been granted approval for Bimuno GOS by the Food & Drink Administration (FDA) Philippines which includes two distinct health claims approved for use in the Philippines market, in addition to securing 22 self-substantiated food-health relationship claims in the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand health claim database

Dr Frederic Narbel, Vice President of Sales at Clasado, said: “We are delighted to reach the shortlist for the prestigious NutraIngredients Asia Awards. It’s a fantastic reflection of the work that goes into developing a functional ingredient that champions raising awareness for the prebiotic category, and one that is supported by a strong portfolio of studies.

“The prebiotic category is seeing considerable growth around the globe, and there is clear potential for brand owners to boost their product formulations in the emergent Asian health and dietary supplements market. With Bimuno GOS, it can be simple. It has one of the lowest effective dosages found anywhere starting at 1.37g per day, it is also extremely stable, being resistant to a wide range of heat and acidities and can be added to formulations at practically any point.”

Winners will be revealed during the online ceremony, taking place on Tuesday 6th September. Viewers can register to watch the award ceremony online here.

Steven Riley, Head of B2B and Corporate Marketing at Clasado, adds: “For our team here at Clasado, it’s all about taking market leading scientific study, matching that with the rising consumer demand, and raising awareness for the prebiotic category due to our belief that it can truly make a difference to health and wellbeing. By putting these key pieces in place, we aim to support better public health around the globe, and that all begins with a well-supported gut microbiome!

“We encourage health and nutrition businesses, that are looking to create successful and consumer-led products, to consider prebiotics and the manifold benefits of better gut health.”

To find out more about Bimuno GOS, please visit https://clasado.com/bimuno-gos/