Clasado Biosciences has revealed a fresh brand identity for its multi award-winning D2C prebiotic food supplement. 

Combining fresh branding and a new identity with the same award-winning prebiotic science, the established Bimuno® DAILY supplement has been relaunched as Bimuno® Original alongside a new logo and pack design, to reflect the product’s strong market position, in addition to supporting an exciting new product development pipeline.

The supplement’s new identity marks the next significant evolution for both the Bimuno range and Clasado Biosciences, as the prebiotic market continues going from strength to strength.

Cathy Erwin, Head of E-commerce at Clasado Biosciences, explains the importance of the refreshed brand identity: “Making everyday gut health an integral part of the daily routine, our prebiotic supplement represents the leading edge of the category. It’s vital that we reflect this in every aspect of our business, and our new branding does exactly that. It’s more than a palette change and new logo, it reflects who we are and what we do; using scientific backing to make better gut health simple and accessible. 

“Lining up with the launch of our new website, we are delighted to introduce Bimuno Original to new and existing subscribers. Powered by the most studied prebiotic ingredient of its kind, Bimuno GOS, Bimuno Original is designed to enrich wellbeing through nourishing beneficial bacteria, known to support gut health and beyond.”

Shown to work in just 7 days, Bimuno Original offers a convenient way to increase levels of bifidobacteria, a type of beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome. Supplied in handy sachets, the taste-free soluble powder can be mixed into food or drink as part of the daily routine.

The supplement is available on the updated Bimuno website either through a one-off purchase or subscribe and save service, which sees the supplement delivered based on the needs of the consumer.  

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado, adds: “As the directly consumer-facing side of our business, how we present Bimuno matters, and reflects who we are to the consumer. Our redesigned branding is the next evolution of the brand; fresh, clean and exciting. The supplement, which contains our multi award-winning galactooligosaccharide ingredient, Bimuno® GOS, is designed for ultimate convenience, and makes scientifically backed gut health more available at a time when interest in prebiotics is accelerating”

Cathy added: “We have also launched a creative expression of ‘Fuel your flow with Bimuno’, to drive home our key message around supporting a balanced lifestyle in a convenient way. Collectively, we are all getting better in tune with our physical and mental health, and there’s a real shift in public consciousness. Prebiotics are a great way to support better health from the inside, so it’s no surprise that the category is growing at tremendous speed. 

“With the launch of our rebranded Bimuno Original supplement, we look forward to helping more people around the globe foster a well-balanced gut microbiome and unlock the potential of these very important microbes.”

To learn more about Bimuno Original and the scientific portfolio behind it, please visit www.bimuno.com, or for more information about Clasado Biosciences, please visit www.clasado.com