Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’) will exhibit at the upcoming Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology (‘PCSG’) Annual Scientific Meeting event, taking place 2nd December 2022.

The event, taking place at Wellcome Collection, London, brings together primary care professionals from across the diverse gastroenterology field. The goal of the conference is to pool knowledge, enhance collective understanding and share the latest studies and research that point towards the future of gastrointestinal and digestive health.

The event is free to attend for healthcare professionals. Tickets can be reserved via Eventbrite.

Clasado, which has an active Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement programme, believes that learning events such as the PCSG Annual Scientific Meeting are essential to uncovering the enormous potential of the gut microbiome in supporting health and wellbeing.

Dr Lucien Harthoorn, R&D Director at Clasado, explains: “The PCSG event is one of the most important in the GI health calendar, and we are delighted to exhibit at the event as a sponsor. When we look to the future of gastrointestinal health, the gut microbiome is an important focus. Good gut bacteria are influential in many ways, known to support areas such as immune function, mental health and cognition – of course in addition to digestive health.

“We take every opportunity to connect with today’s healthcare professionals, and at the event we will be showcasing both our prebiotic D2C supplement, Bimuno® Original, and the functional ingredient, Bimuno® GOS, that powers it. We want to help healthcare professionals deeper under the skin of prebiotics and discover for themselves why they’re capturing attention across the globe.”

To learn more about Clasado Biosciences and the scientific portfolio behind Bimuno GOS, please visit www.clasado.com