Clasado has further strengthened its experienced team with three new appointments. Dr Gediminas Baltulionis, Dr Sophie Castle and Lana Vonkova BSc join Clasado as Scientist and R&D Specialist, Nutritional Scientist & HCP Manager and Regulatory Affairs and R&D Support Intern respectively. 

The appointments mark the next significant step for Clasado as the business continues to extend the global reach and influence of its award-winning prebiotic GOS ingredient, Bimuno®. 

Having previously worked on a Clasado-funded research project at the University of Reading, Dr Gediminas Baltulionis is a highly accomplished Molecular Biologist and Biochemist. In his new role as Scientist and R&D Specialist, Dr Baltulionis will support the portfolio of research behind Bimuno, the most studied prebiotic of its kind, that recently surpassed the 100-publication landmark. Dr Baltulionis brings extensive experience in developing large-scale research projects, including positions at Dextra Laboratories and Biocatalysts.

Dr Sophie Castle, in her role as Nutritional Scientist & HCP Manager, will head up the company’s active HCP programme, which connects health care professionals and academic institutions with the science and study behind Bimuno. Dr Castle has previously held significant scientific management positions at research analysis business RSSL and PepsiCo UK.

Finally, Lana Vonkova BSc is appointed to the position of Regulatory Affairs and R&D Support Intern. Lana has Biomedical Science qualifications from London Metropolitan University and brings expertise in laboratory services and product management. In the role, Lana will support the Clasado team in research & development and compliance.  

Commenting on the new appointments, Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, said: “We’re proud to be a business that invests in our team and is constantly growing in scope and ambition. In appointing these very talented employees, we’re taking further steps to ensure that our prebiotic ingredient Bimuno remains at the forefront of the market as it expands.

“Our team isn’t content with just having the most studied prebiotic of its kind on the market, we’re always looking to where the category is moving and the rapid global rise of gut health awareness. By strengthening our R&D function – which was already class-leading – we’re giving our new and existing customers the confidence that Bimuno truly is as cutting edge, efficacious and safe as the science behind it claims.”

For more information about Clasado Biosciences and its award-winning prebiotic GOS ingredient Bimuno, visit www.clasado.com