Clasado underlines the importance of World Microbiome Day 2023

Clasado Biosciences highlights the significance of World Microbiome Day on 27th June, and encourages the wider biotics sector to actively participate in this global awareness day.

With the aim of promoting knowledge sharing and driving greater gut health awareness among consumers worldwide, Clasado recognises the day as an invaluable opportunity to focus on the rapidly emerging prebiotic category.

World Microbiome Day serves as a platform for the scientific community, health professionals, and wellness brands alike to join forces and emphasise the importance of good bacteria found throughout the body, including those that inhabit the gut microbiome.

For 2023, the event theme is ‘Microbes and Food’, which opens up new opportunities for everyone to explore how diet can play a role in supporting better gut health, and how the microbes in our gut could prove key in future health strategies.

“Consumers the world over are looking to support better everyday health, and the gut microbiome is a fantastic area of focus in this regard. What we eat fuels every cell of our bodies and we must continue to explore how consumers can support gut microbiome health through diet.” said Per Rehné, CEO of Clasado Biosciences.

“It’s essential that from our side as industry experts, we take every opportunity to disseminate our knowledge. World Microbiome Day is an ideal occasion to highlight the importance of supporting a balanced microbiome, and we are thrilled to be part of this global movement. We must take every available opportunity to advance awareness, and we invite the entire biotics sector to join us in sharing their expertise and experiences, contributing to a greater understanding of the gut microbiome’s impact on our well-being.”

As a leading innovator in the development of prebiotic science, Clasado is committed to driving advancements in gut health research and raising awareness about the positive impact of prebiotic interventions on human health.

The company firmly believes that World Microbiome Day presents an exceptional opportunity for the entire biotics sector to collaborate, educate, and inspire consumers globally.

Rehné adds: “Diet is central to better gut health. Research shows that certain food components can nourish bacteria in the gut microbiome, some of which have valuable benefits in areas such as immune and cognitive health. We naturally want higher levels of beneficial bacteria, so increasing the intake of certain components, such as prebiotic fibre, is a great way to support better gut health. In short, diet is intrinsically linked to the health of the gut, so World Microbiome Day is a fantastic opportunity for consumers to explore this relationship.”

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