Webinar: Exploring Synbiotics: When Cutting Edge Science Meets Market Potential

In this insightful session, leading experts from Clasado and Probi discussed the groundbreaking synergy between the world’s most researched probiotic strains and the most studied prebiotic GOS (galactooligosaccharides), and what it means for formulators developing their own synbiotic products in this exciting space. 

Webinar highlights: 

  • The latest must-know trends in synbiotics 
  • Valuable insights from new synbiotic research 
  • How synbiotics can add scientific value to meet both current and future consumer needs 

Why watch this webinar: 

With the synbiotic market accelerating at an impressive 8.2% CAGR, driven by consumer preferences and rapidly advancing science, this webinar is a must-watch for anyone interested in the interplay between Bimuno® GOS and both Probi Defendum and Probi Digestis. 

What you'll discover: 

  • The scientifically proven interaction between Bimuno GOS and Probi’s probiotic strains 
  • How synbiotics can enhance health and well-being product development 
  • Strategies to incorporate science-backed synbiotics into consumer products


  • Dr Lucien Harthoorn (Clasado) 
  • Dr Frederic Narbel (Clasado) 
  • Dr Caroline Montelius (Probi) 
  • Dr Christina Vegge (Probi) 

 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your synbiotic category knowledge with the latest insights from our webinar.