Clasado announces new Tecom Ingredients distribution deal to supply Bimuno® GOS in Spain and Portugal

Clasado is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with European health and nutrition ingredient distributor, Tecom Ingredients (‘Tecom’).

The agreement will see Tecom granted exclusive distribution rights of Bimuno® GOS in Spain and Portugal, further expanding the European presence of the multi award-winning prebiotic ingredient.

Dr. Frederic Narbel, VP of B2B Sales at Clasado, comments: “With prebiotics growing in popularity with consumers, there has never been a better time for health and nutrition brands to explore the benefits of a low dose, science-driven prebiotic ingredient. We are proud to offer exclusive distribution rights to Tecom for Portugal and Spain; its  team has a great deal of experience in prebiotic dietary fibre, so we look forward to showcasing the extensive scientific backing that sets Bimuno GOS apart in the local market.

“The global market for prebiotics is projected to see a very robust 11.5% compound annual growth rate according to research firm Facts & Factors, and Europe looks set to be a huge area of potential growth. Consumers are getting to grips with gut health and are understanding that supporting the gut microbiome is essential to their health and wellbeing. Prebiotics, such as our own, make it easy for formulators to meet the rising consumer demand for better gut health.”

Standing out as the most studied commercially available galactooligosaccharide, Bimuno GOS is supported by over 110 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials. 

The research behind Bimuno GOS includes its influence on areas of gastrointestinal, digestive, immune and cognitive health, indicating strong potential for its use in targeted applications, such as nutritional supplements, functional foods and sports nutrition products.

Tecom adds: “Following the new distribution agreement, we are delighted to provide Bimuno GOS to formulators across Spain and Portugal. Across Europe and the world, gut health awareness is increasing, and consumers are putting their focus on the trillions of bacteria that comprise the gut microbiome. What’s exciting with Bimuno GOS is that it selectively nourishes beneficial bacteria, such as Bifidobacteria, which are known to support important areas of health and wellbeing. Showcasing a prebiotic effect that begins from just 1.37g per day is a real differentiator from other alternatives too, which makes it ideal for a very wide range of product applications. We have been supplying specialised ingredients to the food industry since 1996, and the addition of Bimuno GOS is a great addition for our science backed ingredient portfolio.”

To learn more about Tecom and its product range, please visit https://www.tecom.es/en/ For more information on Clasado Biosciences and the scientific portfolio behind Bimuno GOS, please visit www.clasado.com