Food Matters – The role of the gut microbiome in immune health

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Listen to our Table Talk podcast ‘The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Immune Health’, in association with Food Matters Live. The discussion highlights the complex interplay between the gut and the immune system, and features Dr Gemma Walton, Dr Caroline Childs and Dr Lucien Harthoorn. The podcast is hosted by noted food scientist, author and presenter, Stefan Gates. The human body is a system of interconnected organs and functions. It is difficult to pinpoint the role of the gut in wider health and wellness, particularly when it comes to its relationship with the body’s natural defence and immune system.

To help separate fact from fiction, Clasado Biosciences has teamed up with Food Matters Live to present a Table Talk podcast that showcases the impressive science powering modern nutrition. It will highlight our current understanding of the gut microbiome and make the complex area of gut health more digestible.
The podcast is presented by Stefan Gates of Gastronaut, food science presenter, author and broadcaster. Guests joining Stefan include Lecturers Dr Gemma Walton from the University of Reading and Dr Caroline Childs from the University of Southampton, alongside Dr Lucien Harthoorn, Research and Development Director at Clasado. The podcast is also available on Google Podcasts, Apple iTunes and Spotify.

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So, what can you expect to learn?

  • What is the ‘gut microbiome’ and how does it change as we age?
  • How can we influence the microbiome and what is the role of diet?
  • What are prebiotics and what is their role in the gut?
  • Is there a symbiotic relationship between the gut and the immune system?
  • Can supplements work synergistically with diet to influence gut health?
  • The scientific studies that demonstrate a link between the gut and immune health
  • What do Bimuno® studies tell us about the gut and its influence on other areas of the body?
  • What could the future study of the microbiome look like?


Listen to the podcast:


You can listen here

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