Stratum and Clasado team up to reveal synergistic prebiotic-postbiotic gummy concept at SupplySide West

Offering a glimpse into the future of consumer-led nutraceutical developments, Clasado Biosciences has collaborated with Stratum Nutrition to showcase an exciting prebiotic-postbiotic gummy concept at the upcoming SupplySide West expo in Las Vegas, 25-26 October.

The gummy concept will be showcased on Stratum’s booth #4248 and features Clasado’s multi award-winning Bimuno® GOS prebiotic ingredient and Lactobacillus LB (LBiome®) postbiotic, known for its ability to target digestive health symptoms.

Aiming to demonstrate to SupplySide West delegates what nutritional innovation can accomplish, these two powerhouse functional ingredients are combined into a single gummy format, delivering a convenient, effective and scientifically backed solution for gut health support. The showcase is particularly notable for Stratum, as the business is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the event. The gummy is formulated by Kor Nutra, a nutraceutical gummy manufacturer located in St. George, Utah, USA.

Dr. Frederic Narbel, VP of Sales B2B at Clasado Biosciences, explains, “Today’s health and nutrition formulators have unprecedented access to next-gen functional ingredients. In partnership with Stratum, we want to show what that could look like with a full working concept. Consumers appreciate the convenience and simplicity of the gummy format, and by combining Bimuno GOS and LBiome in one product, we create a comprehensive solution that targets better gut health, as well as supporting areas of gastrointestinal and cognitive health.

“The gummy concept is a technical showcase designed to demonstrate to formulators what’s possible in the rapidly expanding biotics category. Stratum and Clasado are similar businesses in putting a strong focus on scientific evidence and comprehensive studies, so it’s never been easier for formulators to create innovative new product ranges to meet the demands of today’s health-focused consumer.”

The gummy concept features health and efficacy claims supported by robust scientific evidence making it an ideal match for health-conscious consumers looking to support better health through a well-supported gut microbiome.

Dr Narbel added: “It’s vital that we’re always pushing the outer limits of what nutritional science can achieve, and crucially, how it can be translated into an effective, scalable solution for a health consumer audience.

“As noted experts in the field of biotics, Clasado Biosciences and Stratum Nutrition are at the forefront of innovation, and SupplySide West offers the perfect platform to showcase our latest innovation. Health businesses and formulators looking to create their own products that centre around better gut health are encouraged to speak to our team and learn how simple it can be.”

Visit Stratum Nutrition at booth #4248 during the event to learn more about how Bimuno GOS® and Lactobacillus LB LBiome can elevate formulations and meet the growing demand for evidence-based gut health solutions.

To learn more about Bimuno GOS and the science behind it, please visit www.clasado.com