Digestive Health & Wellbeing: The Patient Journey

At Clasado Biosciences, we believe that education is crucial – across all walks of life and sectors. 

Through our Clasado web portal, ongoing partnerships with academic institutions and commitment to sharing insight at events and digital seminars, we aim to create a stronger foundation of knowledge for functional food formulators, supplement manufacturers and food technologists.

Similarly, with our Bimuno consumer website, we have created a platform of learning designed to give the consumer gut health information in one central hub. The website features articles and blogs that break the complex science of the gut microbiome down into easily accessible information, as well as outlines the actionable changes consumers can make to engage with their gut health.

In addition to supporting both health & nutrition brands and the consumer with opportunities to learn, we are committed to supporting healthcare professionals who assist patients and clients with complex digestive issues every day. We continue our mission of creating new opportunities for learning with our virtual event for healthcare professionals.

On February 4th 2021, Clasado is co-hosting “Digestive Health & Wellbeing: The Patient Journey” alongside the Functional Gut Clinic.

Who is the “Digestive Health & Wellbeing: The Patient Journey” event for?

This digital event is designed to benefit healthcare professionals. While this can include any individual working professionally in health and wellbeing, the content is geared toward dietitians, nutritionists, sports nutritionists and general practitioners. 

The sessions delve into topics that matter to healthcare professionals, and as such, the event is not open to consumers.

What makes the event a unique opportunity?

With 15% of all GP appointments made today being related to the gut and digestive health, it is vital that the gut, and the trillions of bacteria that comprise the gut microbiome, are better understood.

A challenge to healthcare professionals today is that when looking to boost knowledge of gastrointestinal issues, information is often siloed to individual roles and stages of care. In learning more about gut care, this can often mean a more narrowed view of the process as the ‘bigger picture’ is more difficult to see.

To challenge this, “Digestive Health & Wellbeing: The Patient Journey” views the gut health journey from a uniquely clinician-led perspective. By doing so, the event will build a fuller understanding of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment – and crucially – see each stage in the wider context. 

The aim of the event is to help health professionals build more confidence in their gut health knowledge through taking a transparent and holistic view of the digestive health journey.

What will delegates learn on the day?

The event features a diverse panel of speakers, following the digestive health sequence of care. This includes primary care, involving the diversity of unstructured physical, psychological and social presentations in primary care through the life course. 

The sessions will also cover secondary care and the approaches to dealing with unexplained digestive systems, as well as a view of tertiary care and the tests commonly taken by patients that are used to inform clinical decision-making.

“Digestive Health & Wellbeing: The Patient Journey” also features key talks that focus on the role of the gut microbiome in wider physical health, to help delegates put their learning into context. 

Discussion topics include an in-depth look at the microbiome and influencing factors, the relationship between nutrition and immune function, including the role of prebiotics, and the connection between the gut microbiome and athletic performance.

As well as building knowledge, does the event come with additional benefits?

The virtual event is endorsed by the British Dietetic Association, and is pending endorsement from the Association for Nutrition and British Society of Gastroenterology.

As well as all-day access to the event, ticketholders will receive a certificate of certificate of attendance and an exclusive goody bag worth more than £35. The event qualifies delegates for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points through attendance.

How can healthcare professionals register to attend?

A ticket for full day access to the event is just £25 – not to be missed. 

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn more about the gut microbiome and the current state of play for healthcare professionals. The event offers a unique perspective that will build a stronger foundation of knowledge, curated specifically for the benefit of health and wellbeing professionals.

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