Clasado provides clinically proven solutions that improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives. Through an extensive research and innovation programme delivered in collaboration with globally renowned research institutes, Clasado has established itself as a leading expert in gut mediated wellness.

Clasado at a glance


Global leader in prebiotic solutions, research in prebiotic gut health solutions

Strong Portfolio

Strong portfolio of 80+ scientific publications and 20+ clinical trials


Core focus on galactooligosaccharide (GOS) prebiotics

Gut Health

Provider of B2B and B2C solutions for gut health


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Clasado Biosciences is a leading International biotechnology company
headquartered on the island of Jersey in The Channel Islands.

Meet Our Team

I have worked at Clasado since 2017 and my responsibilities include looking after the R&D and IP of the company working closely with our Technical, Marketing and Business Development teams. I am an experienced and accomplished scientist, with expertise in prebiotics, gut health and the gut-brain axis.

Aleksandra Maruszak

R&D Project and IP Manager

As Head of Retail Sales, I am responsible for the commercial business development of our Bimuno consumer product brand. I joined the company in 2017, having previously developed 20 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, including being Commercial Strategy Controller at Perrigo.

Alistair Smith

Head of Retail Sales

I joined Clasado in 2020 as Marketing Intern. Using my BSc in Marketing, my goal is to better understand consumer behaviour in order to help drive the company’s marketing strategy forwards. My love of sport, especially badminton and cricket, kickstarted my interest in health and wellbeing. I look forward to continuing my professional growth with Clasado Biosciences and joining the team’s mission to make a real difference.

Benjamin Phillimore

Marketing Intern

As Assistant Nutritionist, I work closely with academic institutions, dieticians and sports nutritionists to raise awareness of prebiotics and the wider spectrum of gut health. I joined Clasado in 2019 and I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr, AfN) and a Graduate Registrant of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr).

Brittany Pearse


I joined Clasado in August 2020 as an Associate Scientist within the R&D team. I am responsible for co-building and managing our research project portfolio to create valuable scientific output. I am pleased to be part of the Clasado team, using my experience in the study of human gut microbiology, diet and health to make a real difference.

Elena Conti

Associate Scientist

I joined the Clasado team in August 2020 as Sales & Marketing Director. My responsibilities are to drive the sales strategy to grow the business within the B2B and B2C areas of the business. I have worked within the food and nutrition sector for 20 years, roles which include various management positions within production, procurement, sales, brand and product.

Gareth Clark

EU Sales & Marketing Director

I joined Clasado in 2015 and I’ve been managing and developing our web and e-commerce platforms. With over 15 years of experience in digital brand development, in my role as Head of Digital I am responsible for amplifying the message of Bimuno and its key benefits, in line with the commercial strategy of Clasado.

Jean-Paul Bouic

Head of Digital

I’ve been with Clasado since 2017 ensuring every consumer interaction leaves a positive impression. After more than 29 years in the field, in my role as Head of Customer Service, I resolve queries and complaints across the business channels, as well as working with order logistics in partnership with our fulfilment house.

Jo Sangster

Head of Customer Services

Having joined Clasado in August 2018, my responsibilities include managing our B2B marketing and supporting the B2C marketing of the Bimuno brand. I have worked in marketing for 7 years, having previously worked in the technology and medical device sectors.

Katherine Lada

Marketing Manager, B2B

I joined Clasado in 2013 and I am a technical professional with over 20 years’ experience in the dairy and food industries. At Clasado, I am responsible for managing our quality, food safety, supplier assurance, process development & manufacturing processes

Kelly Litherland

Head of Technical

Having joined Clasado in 2016, today I manage our business-to-business sales in the USA for our Bimuno ingredient. I have over 35 years’ experience in the dietary supplements industry and since 1996 have specialised in FOS and GOS products.

Ken Bender

US Sales Director

Having worked for Clasado since 2016 as Office Manager, my responsibilities involve supporting the day-to-day functions of the business, with particular focus on Finance and HR administration. I have 25 years' experience with previous roles including Office Manager, PA and Event Organiser.

Leanne Perrin

Office Manager

Joining Clasado Biosciences in 2020 as Data Analyst Intern, I support the growth of the business by translating data into actions for our commercial team to strengthen the growth strategy of our prebiotic ingredient Bimuno®. With a degree in International Business from the University of Plymouth, I look forward to utilising my knowledge and skill set in a thriving business.

Lianna De Silva

Data Analyst Intern

I joined Clasado in January 2020 as Research & Development Director and am ultimately responsible for the development of the strong scientific principles behind Bimuno. My role is to build the innovation pipeline and deliver research studies. I have an MSc in Biomedical Sciences and a PhD in Metabolic Physiology and have held multiple R&D roles in both academic and corporate environments in the USA and Europe.

Lucien Harthoorn

R&D Director

I joined Clasado in 2019 as Business Development Director building on my experience from different positions in the biotechnology sector in Europe and South Korea in recent years. I have an MSc in Biotechnology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a PhD from The Catholic University of San Antonio, and an MSc in Bioscience Enterprise from Cambridge University.

Luis Gosalbez

Business Development Director

Having worked for Clasado since 2017, my responsibilities include management of the quality and technical aspects of our manufacturing, including final product quality assurance and laboratory scale production assessments. I have many years’ experience in food and drink analysis, quality and manufacturing, including food product label testing for all major supermarkets.

Martin Evans

Quality & Technical Support Manager

Joining Clasado in 2020, my role is to manage our complete supply chain. I have 13 years’ experience in strategic and operational supply chain roles and have a track record of maximising profits for businesses.

Nitin Bedi

Supply Chain Manager

Having worked at Clasado since 2006, my role as Finance Director includes all aspects of financial control and reporting, as well as legal and logistics management. Prior to my time at Clasado, I spent 21 years in financial roles for pharmaceutical companies.

Paul Wychgel

Finance Director

Having joined Clasado in 2019, my responsibility is to create and nourish an environment where people can grow. My experience and learning is a collective of over 20 years sales and management experience in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Per Rehné


I joined Clasado Biosciences in August 2020. In my role as Marketing Executive, I support the strategic growth of Bimuno both as a prebiotic ingredient for B2B brands, as well as finished products to the consumer market. I am a recent graduate joining under the internship programme at Clasado, and I’m proud to be part of the company’s ongoing commitment to developing and nurturing talent.

Sarah Popoola

Marketing Assistant

I joined Clasado in 2016 as Operations & Human Resources Director and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. I bring over 25 years of global experience in life sciences and technology to the business to help its talented personnel develop in a competitive space.

Sharon McKean

Operations & Human Resources Director

As an Accountant, my role involves managing the finance functions of the business and reporting to the Finance Director. I joined the business in 2018 and am an AAT member, previously gaining my accreditation with an IT services business.

Tom Withers


Our Vision, Misson and Values

Benefit 1

Global leading position in the
research of gut mediated
wellness solutions

Benefit 2

Clasado Biosciences are
developers and manufacturers of
unique prebiotic technologies

Benefit 3

Clasado has established itself as
a leading expert in gut mediated

Benefit 4

Clasado is the global developer
and manufacturer of a unique
microbiome-based ingredient -

Benefit 5

Global leading position in the
research of gut mediated
wellness solutions

Benefit 6

Clasado Biosciences are
developers and manufacturers of
unique prebiotic technologies

Benefit 7

Clasado has established itself as
a leading expert in gut mediated

Benefit 8

Clasado is the global developer
and manufacturer of a unique
microbiome-based ingredient -