Clasado Biosciences moves to new Reading headquarters

Clasado has moved its UK base of operations to a new state of the art premises.

The new headquarters, in the heart of Reading, provide the Clasado team with additional flexibility and further room for expansion as the business accelerates its global activities.

The business is now headquartered at:

Clasado Biosciences Ltd

Imperium Building

Imperial Way

Worton Grange

Reading, UK


Clasado has also updated its main office telephone number, which is now +44 (0)118 338 5085

Commenting on the move, Clasado CEO, Per Rehné, said: “We’re proud to host some of the most talented minds in the biosciences sector, a category that never stays still for long. It’s vital that our facilities and work environment are just as impressive. Our new HQ at Imperium House gives our team more flexibility than ever before, particularly at a time when hybrid office and home working is so common. It’s a great place to bring our existing and future partners as we continue growing in size and global reach.

“With cutting edge facilities, a bright, spacious and energetic environment and plenty of room for growth, we’re looking to make our business slicker, more sustainable, more agile and more effective. Our new ergonomically designed office is a great example of the direction we are moving in, and we take our place among a great community of businesses on the site.”

To find out more about Clasado Biosciences, please visit www.clasado.com