New speaking engagements on prebiotics & immune health

Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’), a global leader in the development of clinically proven prebiotic ingredient and product solutions for the human gut microbiome, has announced that R&D Director Dr. Lucien Harthoorn will be taking to the stage twice in November. Dr. Harthoorn will be presenting at two major industry events to speak about the growing role of prebiotics, as well as their role in immune health.

The announcement follows the company’s commitment to an education-focused agenda, underpinned by an engagement model that centres on learning resources for the nutraceutical sector. The duo of speaking engagements represents the next step forward for achieving this.

On November 5, Dr. Harthoorn will be delivering a presentation at the Global Engage 8th Microbiome R&D Forum, honing in on the role of prebiotics in gut-mediated health and wellness. The talk is set to clarify the current position of the category, its relationship to health and disease and its significant commercial potential, as well as shining a light on where prebiotic innovation may go next.

Following this, at Microbiome Movement on November 10, Dr. Harthoorn will deliver a talk entitled ‘The Role of the Gut Microbiome on Human Gastrointestinal & Immune Health’. Delegates will learn more about today’s understanding of the gut’s role in human health and disease with a particular focus on gastrointestinal and immune health, using empirical evidence from significant contemporary studies.

The event aims to answer some of the fundamental questions surrounding the gut microbiome as a key regulator of health and disease, combining academic studies in the field of gut health with case studies and research from nutraceutical developers.

Dr. Harthoorn commented on the talks: “As ever, we’re excited to connect professionals in the health, nutrition and nutraceutical space with the compelling science and development behind prebiotics, including our own prebiotic ingredient Bimuno®.  During November, at the Global Engage Forum and Microbiome Movement, we’re taking further opportunities to speak to two growing trends – the rising awareness of immune health and prebiotics. “For us, it’s about reframing the health conversation for the end user and speaking to the significant benefits of prebiotics. Nutraceuticals must always reflect the needs of the consumer base they serve, and the upward momentum of prebiotics is an important signalling point for NPD. Industry talks are a way to help connect the dots for the sector, ultimately supporting consumers who are looking for new ways to support the immune system; the gut microbiome could hold the key. We want to move the discussion forwards. Prebiotics are an exciting prospect for functional foods and supplements brands, and now is the perfect time to learn more about how they work in greater depth.”