Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’) has penned a new exclusive distribution agreement with Shanghai Prochin (‘Prochin’), a division of health ingredient specialist, Alliance Nutrition Group.

The deal will see galactooligosaccharide ingredient Bimuno® GOS made available to health and nutrition formulators in China, marking another exciting step in the commercial growth of Bimuno GOS.

Now available as part of Prochin’s functional ingredient portfolio, Bimuno GOS is perfectly placed to help Chinese health and nutrition brands capitalise on the growing consumer demand for scientifically backed gut health solutions.

David Mharakurwa, Director of Sales APAC & MEA at Clasado, said: “We are delighted to partner with Prochin and enable our science-backed Bimuno GOS to be available in China as we expand our presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the last two years, our growing distributor network has seen Bimuno GOS become available in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan, so we are delighted to increase that footprint even further.

“The commercial opportunity for Chinese formulators is clear. The Asian prebiotic market is expected to see a strong compound annual growth rate of over 15% according to market data firm Grand View Research, so it really is the ideal time to explore why Bimuno GOS, now backed by more than 120 publications, stands as the perfect choice.”

Designed to combine scientific underpinnings with versatility and stability, Bimuno GOS is suitable for a wide range of product applications. As well as dietary powder supplements, it is ideal for creating gut health-focused functional foods, snacks and beverages, yoghurts and dairy products, as well as synbiotic and sports nutrition products.

Kévin Ransbotyn, General Manager of B2B Ingredients at Alliance Nutrition Group, added: “We’re committed to providing innovative ingredient solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers, especially in terms of gut microbiome support. The inclusion of Bimuno GOS in our product portfolio underlines our dedication to putting science at the heart of formulation.

“Today’s health focused consumers are looking for products with strong scientific backing and evidence they can trust. Bimuno GOS shines as the most comprehensively studied commercially available prebiotic galactooliogosaccharide, with extensive research showing its advantages in gastrointestinal, immune and cognitive health, and beyond. We look forward to showing our customers the many diverse benefits of Bimuno GOS.”