Clasado CEO Per Rehné will be attending Probiota Americas 2024, providing a fantastic opportunity for attendees to connect and discuss the latest prebiotic and synbiotic opportunities in science-backed nutrition.

Taking place 10-12 June 2024 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Probiota Americas organised by NutraIngredients USA is an event that connects the scientific and business aspects of gut health.

One of the core focuses for this year’s event is prebiotics, non-digestible fibre substrates, such as Bimuno® GOS, that nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut microbiome to confer benefits on host health.

The 2024 edition of Probiotas America includes Probi AB® and Stratum Nutrition as event sponsors. Clasado and Probi have entered a high-profile collaboration to develop and refine synergistic and complementary synbiotic concepts, while Stratum Nutrition is the distributor of Bimuno GOS to the North American market.

Visitors to Probiota Americas 2024 are encouraged to get in touch and book a meeting with Per, to learn more about how prebiotic science is shaping the future of gut microbiome modulation product development.

Per commented: “For health and nutrition professionals, Probiota Americas is an ideal opportunity to explore market trends and developments. There’s fantastic work happening in terms of scientific development and understanding of the gut microbiome’s influence on health and wellbeing, including our own research programme at Clasado. However, it’s vital that we collectively recognise how this translates to a commercial proposition that meets consumer needs.

“The 2024 event will have a prebiotics focus session which reflects the growing prebiotic market and consumer awareness and their desire to see more products containing prebiotics. As the developer of the most comprehensively studied prebiotic galactooligosaccharide ingredient that formulators can access, now backed by more than 120 publications, Bimuno GOS is a natural choice when creating the next generation of health-supporting supplements, whether targeting gastrointestinal, immune or cognitive health.”

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