Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’) is joining forces with probiotic specialist Probi® AB to deliver a webinar exploring the potential of science-backed synbiotics.

‘Exploring synbiotics: when cutting edge science meets market potential’ promises invaluable insights for attendees looking to discover more about the role of synbiotics as part of gut health product development.

The free webinar, held on 4 June 2024 at 3pm CET, will discuss the powerful market potential of synbiotics, the synergy between ‘good’ bacteria-based probiotics and the prebiotic substrates that nourish them.

Synbiotics are becoming increasingly popular as a method for conferring targeted health benefits that help consumers to include gut health and overall wellbeing support in their busy daily routines. Attendees will learn the benefits of synergistic and complementary synbiotics, as well as what to look out for when developing synbiotic products.

The webinar will feature input from Clasado’s R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, and VP of B2B Sales, Dr Frederic Narbel, alongside Probi’s Department Manager Global Scientific Affairs, Dr Caroline Montelius, and Senior R&D Director, Dr Christina Vegge.

Dr Harthoorn said: “Today’s health product consumers know the value of a strong scientific backing for the products they buy. As the synbiotic industry expands, webinars like this one will prove instrumental for formulators in expanding their knowledge and staying ahead of the latest technology.

“As one of the most accomplished probiotic suppliers in the industry, Probi is the perfect partner for this event, and we are delighted to have Dr Montelius and Dr Vegge joining us to share their expert insights into this fascinating topic.”

Dr Narbel added: “There is a lot of commercial potential behind synbiotics, driven by rising consumer demand. In the webinar, we’ll be exploring not just how the synbiotic category is advancing in terms of science and understanding, but where its core commercial opportunities lie. The webinar is therefore a must-see for health and nutrition formulators looking to capitalise on expansive growth opportunities and meet rising demand for scientifically-backed synbiotic gut health solutions.

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