Clasado Biosciences, developer of the Bimuno® GOS prebiotic ingredient, has expanded its Bimuno D2C (direct-to-consumer) product range with the introduction of Bimuno Kids Immunity.

This new addition to the Bimuno D2C range is a 4-in-1 blend featuring prebiotic Bimuno GOS to support a more favourable gut microbiome and fortified with essential vitamins and a mineral to help support children’s immune systems.

Bimuno Kids Immunity showcases Clasado’s dedication to enhancing the health and wellbeing of individuals by responding to the surging market demand with prebiotic-based solutions.

The formulation combines Vitamin C, D3 and mineral Zinc with Clasado’s award-winning Bimuno GOS ingredient. Designed for children aged 4 to 14 years, each box contains 30 sachets of soluble powder, making it effortless for parents to seamlessly integrate these nutrients and prebiotic fibre into their children’s daily diets.

Per Rehne, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, commented on the launch: “We are thrilled to introduce Bimuno Kids Immunity to our expanding product family. In today’s fast-paced world, supporting children’s immune systems is of paramount importance. Bimuno Kids Immunity not only provides essential nutrients but also leverages the science-backed benefits of our Bimuno GOS, offering a holistic approach to children’s wellbeing.

“The prebiotic nourishes bifidobacteria, a ‘good bacteria’ found in the gut microbiome associated with supporting health in areas such as gut and immune function. All being well, from birth, we start life with Bifidobacterium being one of the predominant genera in the gut microbiome, and abundance can decline as we age. As such, supplementation with prebiotics is a great way to nourish and maintain these important microbes.”

Clasado Biosciences distinguishes itself through its B2B ingredient and D2C finished product routes to market. This enables Clasado to extend the reach of its prebiotic solutions and cater to a wider audience seeking innovative and reliable gut health products. The launch of Bimuno Kids Immunity marks another significant milestone in Clasado’s journey to empower individuals of varying age demographics with proactive prebiotic-driven gut health solutions.

To learn more about Bimuno Kids Immunity, visit www.Bimuno.com.

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