Clasado is collaborating with esteemed scientists through a newly established scientific advisory board to further develop the future role of prebiotics within medical nutrition.

This strategic initiative highlights Clasado’s commitment to driving scientific advancements in the health and nutrition industry through microbiome modulation. Notably, this represents a step forward in the exploration and utilisation of prebiotics as part of dietary health interventions.

The collaboration consists of Clasado members Per Rehné (CEO), Dr Frederic Narbel (VP of Sales B2B) and Dr Lucien Harthoorn (R&D Director), and renowned scientific advisors: 

Clasado is proud to be working with these experts to sharpen the scientific agenda and share valuable insights and experiences to propel the future of prebiotic development and use in medical nutrition and beyond.

A driving force in the biotics field, Clasado Biosciences has long been dedicated to advancing prebiotic research and innovation. With the insight of the scientific advisory board members, the company aims to uncover new possibilities for the application of prebiotics in critical health areas. 

Dr Lucien Harthoorn, R&D Director at Clasado Biosciences, expressed the significance of the collaboration, stating: “The future of prebiotics, specifically galactooligosaccharides and potential novel oligosaccharides holds immense promise in the medical nutrition field – and we are working on uncovering the potential. Clasado’s strategic involvement in this area showcases our commitment to driving prebiotic capabilities forward, and we are honoured to work alongside such esteemed scientific advisors to achieve our shared goals.”

The scientific advisory board follows a submission involving Clasado, which enabled galactooligosaccharides (GOS) to be permitted by the European Commission for use in foods for special medical purposes (FSMPs), further driving the future potential of prebiotics in health and medical applications.

Per Rehné adds: “As we look to the future of medical nutrition, gut microbiome modulation holds great potential and could play a key role in improving human health. Driven by rising global awareness, eyes are on the capabilities of prebiotics, which makes initiatives such as the new scientific advisory board all the more important. For us, this represents an opportunity to better understand where prebiotics can fit into healthcare strategies. Through the power of science and collaboration, we’re aiming to expand the event horizon of the prebiotic category and how it could change areas of application.

“Through our continued research and discussion, we are painting a clearer picture of where prebiotics can support in the day to day management of health, such as gastrointestinal, immune and cognitive health, and we’re excited to be exploring the synergies beyond.”

For further information on Clasado Biosciences and the scientific excellence behind Bimuno GOS, please visit https://clasado.com