Clasado Biosciences has announced a new partnership with Probi® AB (‘Probi’), a world-renowned probiotics company.

An exciting development for both businesses and the global biotics sector, the collaboration is set to utilise the market-leading expertise and scientific portfolios of the two businesses in their respective fields.

Responding to rapidly expanding gut health awareness and global demand for complementary technologies, the collaborative partnership enables Clasado and Sweden-based Probi to leverage their combined knowledge on synbiotic projects targeting specific consumer health benefits.

Per Rehné, CEO of Clasado, said: “It’s an exciting period of growth for the biotics category, and we are delighted to be partnering with Probi to collaborate around our respective areas of expertise. Through this collaboration, we aim to pool our knowledge and scientific research capabilities to build a firmer and credible foundation for synbiotic product development, particularly in priority health areas. In turn, we believe this scientific-led partnership will benefit health and nutrition customers globally, as well as end users.

“Our businesses are an ideal match, with closely aligned values. We believe in the power of scientific evidence that consumers can trust. With Bimuno GOS being the most studied galactooligosaccharide ingredient on the market, backed by over 110 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials. Combining this with Probi’s impressive probiotic library, supported by state-of-the-art preclinical and clinical trials it’s a great match, and, like us, the business works in close quarters with academic institutions. We look forward to developing our new partnership and helping to shape the bright future of synbiotics in commercial nutrition.”

While initially focusing on advancing the collective understanding of prebiotic and probiotic combinations, the collaboration brings future potential for the businesses to research, develop and commercialise an original synbiotic technology.

Anita Johansen, CEO of Probi, added: “As a business that puts research and knowledge at the heart of our activities, we are delighted to collaborate with Clasado. In the accelerating health and wellbeing market, consumers are responding to new scientifically backed products, and our shared commitment to empirical trial-based evidence makes this a partnership with great potential.

“Propelled by consumer demand for better gut microbiome health, the market for synbiotics is expanding at speed, but advanced study and a dedicated research programme could make this growth exponential. Through this partnership, we’ll be exploring how products in our probiotic library can function alongside Bimuno GOS in formulations, and we hope to set the bar for synbiotic collaboration.”

The new partnership marks the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for Clasado and Probi. More information on the partnership and subsequent activities will be announced in due course.

To learn more about Clasado Biosciences, please visit https://clasado.com

To learn more about Probi AB and its probiotic functional ingredient portfolio, please visit https://www.probi.com/