Clasado has announced that R&D Director, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, will be speaking at the upcoming webinar, ‘SupplySide Sponsored Intensive: Microbiome Boosting Foods & Beverages: Fermentation, Culture and Pre & Probiotics for Healthy Functional Benefits’.

The webinar, sponsored by US distribution partner Stratum Nutrition and hosted by SupplySide in partnership with Food & Beverage Insider (Informa), takes place Wednesday 29th March. As gut health continues to climb in consumer awareness, the event is an ideal learning opportunity for formulators in the health and nutrition space.

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The event centres around improved consumer health through modulation of the gut microbiome, and the many delivery forms this can take. Alongside probiotic functional foods such as kombucha and kimchi, the growing ‘biotics’ category brings new opportunities for health and nutrition brands.

During the webinar, Dr Harthoorn will be providing insight on the science behind prebiotic dietary fibre and why it’s the ideal ingredient for microbiome based formulations. With Bimuno GOS, supporting better gut health by nourishing beneficial health-promoting bacteria in the gut microbiome has been made easier for formulators.

With consumer demand for scientifically backed dietary supplements growing at pace, the research portfolio behind Bimuno® GOS stands out as the most comprehensive on the market for its kind.

The safety and efficacy of Bimuno GOS are supported by over 110 published studies, including more than 20 clinical trials. Through nourishing ‘good’ gut bacteria such as bifidobacteria, Bimuno GOS has the capability to play a key role in supporting not only digestive and gastrointestinal health, but in areas such as cognition and immunity.

Learn more about Bimuno GOS, our award-winning galactooligosaccharides (GOS) prebiotic ingredient.