Clasado Biosciences has expanded its direct-to-consumer (D2C) supplement range with Bimuno® Immunity, a daily supplement formulated to support both gut health and immune health. 

Bimuno Immunity is a 4-in-1 daily food supplement that features the multi award-winning galactooligosaccharide ingredient, Bimuno® GOS. It also contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins D3 and C, and the trace mineral Zinc, which enables approved health claims for normal function of the immune system to be featured on packaging for the UK and EU markets.

The supplement is now available to purchase for consumers in the UK through the Bimuno online store alongside Bimuno Original, and is delivered in the same easy, convenient and taste free soluble powder sachet. 

Bimuno Immunity is available through a rolling subscription service, ensuring users have convenient, cost efficient and uninhibited access to better everyday gut health, and a more comprehensively supported immune system.

Cathy Erwin, Director of E-commerce at Clasado Biosciences, explains the significance of the launch: “The market for immune health support is expanding at a rapid pace, and the reasons are clear. Consumers are collectively getting better connected to matters of health and wellbeing. Naturally, the body’s lines of defence form a key part of that, and interest has been accelerated by the global Covid-19 pandemic. According to data from Grand View Research, the international immune health supplement market is expected to see a very strong compound annual growth rate of more than 11%, which underlines how the global health audience is connecting with immunity on an entirely new level. 

“With an estimated 70% of the immune system residing in the gut, the gut microbiome forms a natural focal point in supporting immunity. Prebiotics are one of the most effective ways to support a favourably balanced gut microbiome, and that thinking is at the heart of Bimuno Immunity, making it a natural next step in our fast-growing product line, informed by consumer needs.”

Bimuno nourishes bifidobacteria, a group of beneficial bacteria found in the gut microbiome. Bifidobacteria are understood to influence key areas of health including immune function, gastrointestinal and digestive health, and mental health and cognition. 

Powered by the most studied prebiotic ingredient of its kind, Bimuno GOS, research demonstrates that Bimuno D2C supplements exert a prebiotic effect in just 7 days. 

Cathy adds: “Consumers around the globe are proactively learning more about gut health, and the expansion of the Bimuno brand reflects this rising interest. Immunity is just one of the areas where prebiotics are proving their significance, but the wider potential is huge when we look further afield to the future of health and nutrition.

“Ultimately, we want to show that better everyday health, through a well-supported gut microbiome, doesn’t need to be complicated. With a science-proven prebiotic in a convenient everyday format, it can be part of a stress-free everyday routine.”

To learn more about Bimuno Immunity, please visit Bimuno.com.