One of the key indicators of prebiotics market growth is the rise in awareness and understanding of gut related health, particularly when it comes to coverage and consumer trending topics.

As a leading name in the prebiotics field and the developer of Bimuno® GOS, Clasado Biosciences is a strong believer in sharing knowledge to help educate, and further accelerate this market growth.

In the latest example, Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, featured on Over The Counter, a podcast series hosted by HBW Pharma, a dedicated news and insight platform for the consumer healthcare market, including OTC drug, cosmetics and nutritional supplement manufacturers.

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In it, Per speaks to David Ridley about the rapidly expanding prebiotic category, and the strong scientific backing that propels the industry forwards.

The conversation explores the connections between gut health and key areas of health such as gastrointestinal health, immunity and mental health.

Useful insight for brands looking to formulate their own prebiotic supplements and products, the podcast explores future innovation opportunities and insight from the development and subsequent launch of the Bimuno® D2C prebiotic supplement.