The health and nutrition industry doesn’t stay still for long, being powered by innovation, scientific development and shifting consumer demands.

When developing the next generation of nutritional supplements, health bars or functional foods and beverages, today’s formulators can approach new product development in many different ways. Gut health, designed to positively influence the composition of the gut microbiome, is proving to be an important area of focus.

Consumers are getting better acquainted with the importance of gut health, propelling the prebiotic category forwards into the spotlight. Prebiotics are a type of non-digestible fibre that nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut; bacteria that are known to positively influence areas such as immune function, gastrointestinal health, mental health and more.

The commercial potential of prebiotics is reflected in the global growth statistics. Market intelligence firm, Grand View Research, projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the prebiotic category of almost 15% to 2030, accelerated by rising demand for supplements and changing consumer perceptions around fibres.

As international health and nutrition audiences switch on to the benefits of prebiotics, Global Prebiotics Week is an ideal time for formulators to learn more about this rapidly emerging functional ingredient group.

What is Global Prebiotics Week?

Taking place on the first week of November each year, Global Prebiotics Week is an international awareness event hosted by the Global Prebiotic Association, an organisation that champions the ongoing development of the prebiotics industry. The Global Prebiotic Association board, which includes Clasado Biosciences, represents a rich cross-section of the industry.

Whilst experiencing rapid growth in the market, the prebiotic category is still relatively new. As such, it is still shifting and evolving, and public awareness is still on the rise. Global Prebiotics Week aims to expedite understanding with accessible learning resources and is designed to benefit a broad spectrum of individuals.

From consumers that are being introduced to prebiotics for the first time, to healthcare professionals looking for stronger gut health knowledge and product formulators seeking innovative and science-backed functional ingredients for their new lines, Global Prebiotics Week is a platform of communication to support knowledge development.

Why does Global Prebiotics Week matter?

Perhaps most significantly, Global Prebiotics Week is a chance to expand public understanding of prebiotics and demonstrate what makes the ingredient category such an important part of health and nutrition. By extension, the awareness week is also a prime opportunity to share knowledge and insight surrounding the gut microbiome and the influence that the many trillions of bacteria that inhabit it have.

Looking further up the health and nutrition product supply chain, Global Prebiotics Week is a great opportunity for brands to witness how prebiotics are connecting directly with the needs of today’s consumer, and the bottom-line value that comes with their inclusion in today’s products.

In addition, Global Prebiotics Week is a fantastic occasion to communicate the impressive scientific research that supports the benefits of prebiotics, including the market-leading range of studies behind Bimuno® GOS.

What makes prebiotics such an important topic?

Gut health is continuing to climb the formulation agenda, and prebiotics offer one of the most direct ways for new product developments to address this. As a substrate rather than a living organism (like probiotics), prebiotics are extremely stable and versatile, which creates a very wide range of formulation possibilities.

Able to enhance nutritional profiles across a wide range of applications, prebiotics could unlock an important new path in everyday health and wellness.

One of the best examples is our multi award-winning galactooligosaccharides ingredient, Bimuno GOS. Versatile and high performance, Bimuno GOS is a proprietary GOS blend that combines strong scientific backing with flexibility and stability. Available in syrup or powder formats, Bimuno GOS nourishes bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacterium in the gut microbiome that is associated with digestive health, the immune system and cognitive health.

With demand for prebiotics on a continual rise, there has never been a better time for brands operating in the health and nutrition space to uncover the fantastic array of benefits that prebiotics offer.

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