Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’) has announced a brand-new partnership with specialty healthcare ingredient distributor, Pathway International (‘Pathway’). 

The partnership will see award-winning prebiotic galactooligosaccharide (GOS) ingredient, Bimuno®, available to brands and formulators in Australia and New Zealand for the first time, with Pathway appointed as sole distributor in the region. 

Before the ingredient becomes commercially available, Clasado and Pathway will collaborate on registration with the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA), a legislative requirement for ingredients used in complementary medicines in Australia. Once approved, the ingredient will be available to brands and formulators for use in supplements, functional food and beverages. 

Bimuno is the most studied prebiotic of its kind, with safety and efficacy supported by over 100 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials. The prebiotic nourishes bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacteria associated with key areas of health, including digestive health, immunity, cognitive and mental health. 

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado, commented: “We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Pathway, one of the most established names in ingredient distribution. Globally, prebiotic products are seeing a significant upward trajectory as consumers continue getting to grips with better gut health. The prebiotic market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%, according to Grand View Research and the regions of Australia and New Zealand are certainly no exception.

“Our beneficial gut bacteria not only support digestion, but they are also connected with areas such as immune health, cognition and mental health, with potential application in areas such as sleep health and athletic health. There is huge commercial opportunity on the table for brands, and Bimuno makes it simple to instantly uplift recipes and formulations.”

Bimuno, available in syrup or powder format, is designed with versatility for the formulator in mind. Extremely stable under heat and acidity, the prebiotic ingredient can be added to recipes from even the earliest stages of the manufacturing process. Bimuno is ideal for supplements, functional food and beverages, such as baked goods and snack bars, smoothies, yoghurts, cereals and confectionery. 

Pathway International is a renowned market-leading distributor of speciality healthcare ingredients across Australia and New Zealand, supplying to businesses in the complementary medicine, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and veterinary sectors. With collective experience surpassing over 80 years, the business provides brands in the region with market insight, ingredient innovation, technical support and regulatory expertise. 

Wayne Coote, Managing Director at Pathway, said: “Clasado’s extensively studied GOS prebiotic, Bimuno, fits perfectly within our business model and our portfolio of best-in-class ingredients. Pathway has a long history in the probiotic space and as a leading prebiotic, Bimuno makes a very natural extension of our science backed ingredients portfolio, designed to meet the growing consumer demand for gut health. We are delighted to be Clasado’s distribution partner in ANZ and look forward to establishing a new market for its Bimuno GOS in various formats.”

For more information about Clasado Biosciences and its award-winning prebiotic GOS ingredient Bimuno, visit www.clasado.com